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Gopro Hero 3 1080p 30fps Vs 720p 60fps

gopro hero 3 1080p 30fps vs 720p 60fps


Gopro Hero 3 1080p 30fps Vs 720p 60fps >>>



















































Gopro Hero 3 1080p 30fps Vs 720p 60fps



Reply With Quote 10-31-2010 #3 dbfzurowski mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Jul 2010 Posts 52 I just got into recording and editing videos with the goPro cam I have. Popular Questions How to record slow motion video with Canon EOS M? Are gopros allowed at universal studios Orlando? Can i charge my gopro overnight? How to connect gopro to pc with hdmi cable? Can you overcharge a gopro hero? .. I'm going to say that basically yes, it matters today and will matter more in the future. No keyboard - all input by thought transfer from a colander on my head. 48k of RAM, Compact Cassette tape drive (9600 baud), 4" B&W monitor. Here is some basic theory about how many "frames" per second we can see. Selection Sunday 2.


-Larger images look blurry compared to smaller images at the same frames per second. Recent Posts Top 10 Videos from March 2016 Top 5 GoPro Videos of February 2016 One of those Days 3 Candide Thovex . Newer Than: More.. Copyright1996-2014 All Rights Reserved. You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or JPEG. Main Editing System: Sinclair ZX81 0.75Mhz chip (Overclocked to 12Ghz), Liquid Nitrogen Cooled. all of our servers are busy right now. and export everything as a 1080P-60P File? If thats correct, how can i add short slowmotion effects to the timeline? Is there a function that says like -50% speed or is it not possible to have slowmotion in a 1080P 60fps project exported to a 1080P 60fps video ? daninho View Public Profile Send a private message to daninho Find More Posts by daninho 09-18-2013, 12:51 AM #6 Bluetongue Senior Member Join Date: May 2007 Location: Adelaide South Australia Posts: 2,127 For best results with the GOPRO record at 60 fps and place in a 30i project, this will give excellent smooth results, Edius will interpret the 60 frams as 30 frames interlaced This will allow easy creation of DVD or Bluray, Bluray spec does not allow Progressive at 1080 only 720p I use 50p and a 25i project, I think Edius calls it a 50i so could be 60i for NTSC, Using the above gives excellent Slow mo Also just thought of it Try Prodad Mercall set to "Universal Camera" or "Glide Camera" works a treat, I get rid of a lot of jittery movement from vibration when on a GOKART, they have a trial version Hope that helps Barry Win 10HP, EDIUS WG8.32, HD Spark, Boris RED 5, VMW6, DVDMF 7, Authorworks 5, Bluff Titler, VisTitler 2.6, NEAT 3/4, Mercalli 2/4, Vitascene, Izotope RX2, NewBlue, Trend Micro AV GB GA-X58A-UD3R MB, i7 990X4G, 12G 1600mhz Mem, Samsung EVO-250G SSD, 3x2T RAID, GTX 970W OC, 2x24 inch LG Monitors Canon XH-A1/ Canon HFS21, HFG30, GoPro Hero3 Black, Edit 1920 50p HQ preset Laptop MSI G752VT-GC060T Win 10HP, Edius WG8.32 Samsung M2 SSD 128G+1Tb HD, Last edited by Bluetongue; 09-18-2013 at 01:25 AM. Menu .


.. HOMEBLOGTop 10 Videos from March 2016Top 5 GoPro Videos of February 2016One of those Days 3 Candide ThovexBroadcast Live from your GoPro to Periscope!CES 2016 Interview: Nick Woodman previews GoPro in 2016GoPro Studio Tutorial: Create a GoPro Time Lapse Video in 5 MinutesIncredible Time Lapse Highlight Video of Dundalk, Ireland CloseFORUMSTOREGALLERYGOPRO GEARCamerasMountsAccessories Close Close . From what I've noticed 60fps is needed when I slow down a video, for ex by 50% now the 60fsp is 30 and if I started off with 30 then I would be down to 15fps if not lower and I just doesn't look smooth. Click here. please try again in a minute.. I am also able to travel in time. Click here to go back to the forum. The amount an object moves between frames physically on screen is now of such a magnitude that objects and backgrounds can no longer be classed as "clear". -Often 60fps captures seem to introduce fewer artifacts.


Sorry for my english :) daninho View Public Profile Send a private message to daninho Find More Posts by daninho 09-16-2013, 02:12 PM #2 GrassValleyBH Demystifier/Analogizer Join Date: Apr 2007 Location: Hillsboro, OR Posts: 5,795 To be honest, 30 fps is poor temporal motion - it's half of what we're accustomed to seeing and anything that you do affecting motion will make it look "jumpy." I would shoot 1080/60p whenever possible. Plaque Psoriasis Causes 10. Different capture/playback systems may operate at the same frame rate, and still give a different level of "realism" or artifacts attributed to frame rate. please try again in a minute.. One time I slowed down a snowboarding jump I did by 80% on 30fps video to get the ultimate slow motion and it just looked horrible making it impossible for me to use it in the video I was making. 955,130 10 remoserjr107 924,281 How can I earn points? Awarded a Best Answer10 points Answer questions2 points Choose a Best Answer3 points Learn about Points & Levels Upload failed. In the context of fast moving scenes here are some things i've noticed. -- Grass Valley (Dark) -- Grass Valley (Light) Contact Us - Archive - Top Copyright 2014 Belden Inc. NIT brackets 8. Search Engine Friendly URLs by vBSEO 3.6.1 Mobile Fixed Wide SUBMIT A PRODUCT FOR REVIEW? We would like to hear from you.


Gives me 180 layers of 4k in real time (all with 3D PIP added) and can encode and burn a 2 hour Blu Ray in just under 12 seconds. Then i set the speed from some clips in the timeline to lets say 50% and leave the rest of the clips at 100% speed? Then when im happy with everything i export the project as an 1080i 30i ? or 1080p-30p ? And is it possible to create a 1080P-60P project and do it like above and export in the end as an 1080P-30P file? daninho View Public Profile Send a private message to daninho Find More Posts by daninho 09-18-2013, 05:37 AM #10 Bluetongue Senior Member Join Date: May 2007 Location: Adelaide South Australia Posts: 2,127 Quote: Originally Posted by daninho hi Bluetongue, sorry for those questions, i never had anything to do with video editing Don't worry that is what we are about on this forum, Helping each other! Quote: Originally Posted by daninho So that means i have to open a 1080i 30i project and put my trimmed clips from my 1080P-60P Video material in the time line. .. SHOP OUR STORE FOLLOW US: EXPLORE BLOG FORUM GALLERY NEW TO GOPRO? PRODUCT DATABASE COMPANY ABOUT US CONTACT US ADVERTISE Subscribe to the GoProFanatics newsletter! . Where as a more analogous representation can run at lower frame rates, and still be perceived by a viewer. JoJo Siwa 9. Kim Sledge 4. The flicker-fusion point can only be applied to digital images of absolute values, such as black and white.

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